Hands of Grace Promotions

  Reaching You with Gospel Music

Hands of Grace Promotions is a ministry whose mission is to bring together gospel music artists and their fans for a premier concert experience. Our events feature a full concert with the artist, reserved theater seating in air-conditioned venues, as well as parking attendants and ushers to ensure your visit goes smoothly!

My background in the performing arts industry and in finance lends itself naturally to a promotions ministry. I am working with the top professional booking agencies in Nashville to bring you the very best artists in gospel music.  

I invite you to join us for an event that will bless both artist and audience!

Susanne McAllister, Director

Hands of Grace Promotions

Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada

"Hands of Grace Promotions" is registered with the Corporate Registry of the Province of New Brunswick. 

The inspiration for the name of my promotions ministry is the song, Hands of Grace, by award-winning songwriter Jim Brady.

Hands of Grace
The Booth Brothers (The Blind Man Saw It All)